Friday, November 25, 2011

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I was interviewing a young girl in Atlanta last year. She was small with big black eyes and so young and fragile. Her voice was low and she kept her eyes down when she spoke. But she looked up at me when she said this: “Why do men think it’s ok to do this to us? Aren’t they supposed to protect us?” And she really wanted to know.

These young girls are resilient and most often, become peer advocates; someone who has very recently gone through rehabilitation and gives back to a young girl who just arrives. They want to give back because they understand they now have a chance at a life they’ve only dreamed about. They want the new arrival to understand this from her, not adults who have not experienced what they have experienced. They are amazing and I wish you could know them.

The reason I’m pushing for this film is because in 99% of American cities, there is no place to take a victim. There is no solution for them and they are usually put in detention and returned to their pimp (owner) when he comes to get them out. There is a solution, we’ve found it, will film it, and teach it. I’m attaching my original letter so you can dive into the story via the links if you like.

Your donations are tax deductible and if you company participates in a matching program, I’ll send our IRS Tax Determination Letter. Also - a big thank you to those of you who have donated and invited me to speak. We kicked this campaign off November 14th and we’ll keep going until December 31, 2011. Here is how you can help:

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Or help me get in front of a group in your community to present what we know. I want to keep talking until people understand this is happening in every city in the United States.

If you believe in me and this project, will you forward this email on to your contact list so we can spread the “virus of serving” those that cannot help themselves. I know I’m not alone in this and your support will give me strength. I love you for this!

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