Monday, June 28, 2010

August 28 - we're getting close

I have a passion for giving young children a chance at life. In this film, the crew has gone into the furthest reaches of India where no government exists, no toilets are to be found, nor electricity. This is a place on our planet where little girls are sold, married off at 12 or 13 because their parents cannot afford to feed their daughters, and violence towards women is unimaginable.

Our goal is to show the positive side of education. We're proving, along with so many others, that education changes the lives of women and girls. They marry later, have fewer children, and are far less likely to be sold into slavery. Real slavery!

Learning brings laughter to the lives of these children. Where artistic expression was void, children are dancing and singing. Giving these children an opportunity for learning opens them up to a beauty they deserve.

Thank you for reading this blog and passing it on.

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